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Magnificent perspectives mark the beginning of the harvest

The 2019 harvest is here. Selective picking of the first clusters in the earliest vineyards in Finca Los Cuartos, Cenicero marked the start of the new harvest. At our wineries, we have a very optimistic outlook after a very positive growth cycle which has provided us with small bunches with loose, good-sized berries, perfect for making aged wines.

Nonetheless, the always uncertain weather forces us to be prudent in our forecasts. An absence of rains and sunny mornings would assure perfectly-balanced well-paced ripening. Daily tests of the samples received from the vineyard determine the most suitable date for picking in each of our plots, both in Rioja (La Rioja Alta, S.A. and Torre de Oña) and in Ribera del Duero (Áster).

Where this year’s harvest is progressing nicely is in our Galicia winery, Lagar de Cervera. The extraordinary summer enjoyed in September in Rías Baixas has offset the slight delay in ripening both for the Albariño grapes and for the Loureiro, Caiño and Treixadura varieties, essential to make our Rosal Pazo de Seoane. The weather forecasts are favourable and we are therefore staggering the picking.

The high level of aromas and balance between acidity and sugars contrasts with the general decline in production in the whole area that, on average, may be more than 25% below 2018 figures. One of the main reasons is the hailstorm on 25 April, which affected the vast majority of vineyards in O Baixo Miño.