A yearning for excellence

It is the yearning that has always guided us, seeking the utmost quality and devoting all our passion and effort to making wine. Our vineyards and wineries convey what we are and what we wish to share: elegance, innovation, evolution and a feeling for things well done. Respecting the most renowned wine-growing areas where we are present (Rioja, Rioja Alavesa, Ribera del Duero and Rías Baixas) and always maintaining the harmony, balance and sophistication of great wines.

Our corporate principles:

Always transmitting our know-how, our experience, our way of doing things and our passion for wine.
Seeking excellence in everything we do is an obsession for us, and we want it reflected in our wines, in our winemaking facilities, in our care for detail and in our personal attention to clients.
Research is a fundamental pillar. Following the maxim 'Evolution, not revolution' our wines have subtly adapted to the tastes of consumers and the latest food trends. We develop R&D programmes to continue raising the quality of our wines by better controlling and optimising each and every process in the different areas (vineyard management, winemaking, ageing and production).
Our history allows us to have a long-term culture and make forward-looking decisions. Our shareholders, descendants of the founding families, reinvest much of the resources gained to continue growing and improving.
We are not oblivious to the problems of today's society. That is why we actively contribute to the improvement of certain key aspects. Thanks to ‘Viña Ardanza Solidario’ programme, we annually spend 1% of our profits on co-operation in the third world, we develop environmental programs and we are patrons of the Foundation for Wine Culture.