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Quality and trust. Two terms that define our Club de Cosecheros. A dream come true in 1976 when we met the challenge of developing —only for our partners and with the best vintages— a Reserva wine that would symbolise commitment, responsibility, dedication and friendship. Today, in the midst of the 21st century, this dream remains alive. Welcome to the Club de Cosecheros

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What is the Club de Cosecheros?

Just as in the 19th century French traders affected by the phylloxera plague visited Rioja wineries to taste, select and "reserve" their wines, we wanted our friends to also be able to enjoy their own barrels at their most trustworthy winery.

Thus, in the best vintages, we select certain plots to produce a unique, very special wine, a magnificent RESERVA that cannot be found on the market which faithfully interprets the personality and character of our vineyards in Rioja, Rioja Alavesa and Ribera del Duero.

What started out as just an idea, is today something very special. The ties with our Members are not merely commercial and have already spanned three generations, becoming part of their lives in their most special and endearing moments.

Membership advantages

As part of our exclusive Club de Cosecheros you experience unique moments around a glass of your own wine while enjoying many additional advantages, including:

  • You can customise the labels on your bottles with the text of your choice.
  • You will receive your barrel in your home free of shipping costs.
  • Preferential use of our dining rooms, halls and wine tourism establishments under special conditions.
  • Free tours of our wineries both for you and for your guests.
  • Access to our complete wine and food library.
  • You will receive our quarterly newsletter.
  • Special rates for purchases made at our wineries.
  • You will receive our exclusive catalogue every Christmas.
  • Exclusive shopping offers throughout the year.
  • Access to the exclusive Club de Cosecheros Members' Area on this website.
  • Special conditions with different luxury product firms with which we have cooperation agreements.

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Club de Cosecheros Wines

La Rioja Alta, S.A.

Suscripción cerrada

  • Red
  • Reserva 2013
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Torre de Oña

Suscripción abierta

  • Red
  • Reserva 2014
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Suscripción abierta

Ribera del Duero
  • Red
  • Reserva 2014
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Due to very limited availability and the preference given to previous members, when reserving each edition, new requests are attended to strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis, except those recommended by other members of the Club, who have preference. Only Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

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